Come pick up your child....

Very hard words for working parents...Dave stayed home with Isabella on Tuesday....around 10:30 Isabella's school called to say one of us had to come get her because she has bad bumps under her arm...I knew they were there but thought it was a bad bug bite...I didn't realize how bad they got. My day started normally waking up at the crack of dawn...I snapped a picture of Isabella because she looked so peaceful sleeping in my bed...yep...in our bed...AGAIN...we locked the door...around 2 am I heard a light knock...and then another...I tried to ignore it but then she starting banging, screaming, and crying...which meant that Sophia was soon to wake up...I just let her in...I know...caving to a 2 year old...I know it is bad but in our defense, we both work full time and need every minute of our sleep...

Anyway, I get the call I have to pick her up and take her to the dr. Dave can't because he was in an important business meeting...I got super stressed out...drove quickly to pick her up (the Cinco Ranch High School kids were on the street protesting because Katy apparently did their cuts (laid off 300 teachers) yesterday...Several Katy school high school kids protested.

On a side note...this is what I get from the state budget cuts...Forever and ever it was almost impossible to fire teachers...but because we are in a bad recession things have changed. Now, good teachers are getting pink slips. I get the fact that schools are cutting jobs that are really not necessary. Every SIS (school improvement specialist) got cut in our district...hard working, awesome teachers who were promoted and then got cut. Then you had teachers...lots of teachers...One thing I think that all of us get now is this...Jobs are not guaranteed...People should appreciate their jobs...You should mostly play the game...be nice, be positive, don't be the complainer, don't be the person that tells your boss, no, I am not going to do that....Times have changed. With virtual schools coming up, the only traditional teachers that will be left are the good ones....which are the ones who not only are dedicated, like kids, act professional, but the ones who have innovative strategies and who always are looking for a better way to present the material.

Ok...enough of that...Isabella's dr said she had a bug bite that got infected from scratching, that turned into infatigo (sp?) and then spread. She can go back to school as long as it is covered. She is taking anti-botics.

I have to take the day off from work tomorrow (it is my turn and I actually have a dr appointment)...April, Olivia, and my mom are in town. My dad and Dave's brother and sister in law all come on Saturday...this should be a fun weekend...Summer is so close!!!!

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Karen's update blog said...

We shouldn't passively accept budget cuts. We shouldn't
Spend more money on fast food and automobiles
Than we do on education or health care. Deficits in
Education, health care, environment, worker's rights are more real than budget deficits.
I support those student protests. I say tax the
rich and save the teachers!