Wacky Wednesday

Today kept feeling like it was Thursday because our school schedule is mixed up because of TAKS testing. We are now a two car family again...yea!!! I picked up the girls and was VERY proud to hear that Isabella's report said she was the most polite student in the class...always saying please and thank you!!!!

Tomorrow I am giving a 4 hour AP Macro review from 8-12...I am excited and nervous at the same time!!!!!

One more thing...Christa has me addicted to Goodwill Select...I had a few minutes to kill today before I picked up the girls. I went to the one nearest to our house and they had the BEST stuff for cheap!!!! Lots of cute gymboree clothes for 1.99.....Score! and the other day I bought a black house white market dress for 8.00...they normally run about 70.00....I guess if I have a shopping problem (which I don't think I have...at least it is at the Goodwill)..haha..

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