Sophia...16 months

Sweet, sweet, spunky Sophia
- is still a great eater
- loves to play upstairs
- is very affectionate
- loves to give kisses
- still hates to be left alone
- points to her nose, ears, eyes, tongue
- roars when I ask her what a lion says
- is still not walking...still very close
- helpful when cleaning up
- stacks blocks
- you can see the wheels turning when she is thinking
- loves having her shoes on (just like her daddy)
- she is daddy's little girl
- likes to watch Tangled with her big sister
- loves to play peak a boo
- still sleeps a lot...7 pm is her bedtime..she will crawl to her room
- is still in the crib in the same room as her big sister
- loves taking baths
- is the sweetest girl!
- loves to play hide and seek...she and her sister hide in the same corner every time!

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