60.00 sun glasses!!!!

Dave about freaked out when I told him I bought 2 pairs of sunglasses and spent 30.00 each...I modeled them for him and his jaw was dropping...Anyway, of course I would never spend that much money...I actually got them for 1.09 at the dollar store...They were Gloria Vanderbilt glasses that were apparently sold at CVS...still had the 29.99 price tag on them....score!!! I was actually there buying party favors for the girls' Easter parties tomorrow.

Today was great...except on the way home Dave told me Sophia's teacher this morning said she was hitting the kids a lot....I am not surprised because she hits all of us often...so we are going to pull out the pack and play, put it in the dining room and put her in it for one or two minutes every time she hits....

Tonight we had a great family night. Dave, the girls, and I put together the Easter favors. Sophia did not last long because it was getting late and she started trying to put everything in her mouth...she was tired...Dave put her to bed. I was so proud of Isabella. We had an assembly line, sorting system, and she totally was able to do it...she is sooooo smart:)

Tomorrow will be good...It is kind of like a Friday because we are off on Friday...the girls school is closed and so is the YMCA....we even get to wear jeans:)

p.s. Christa, if you are reading this, I saved the second pair of dollar store glasses for you!!! haha...

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