sick little girl

Today was a normal Monday...both girls had runny noses all weekend...Isabella felt a little warm this morning so I gave her kids Motrin before I left for work. The school called Dave when I was on my way to get them to say Isabella had almost a 102 fever...poor baby, she was on her little mat in the office. They gave her a Popsicle to help with the fever. When she came home she went in our bed and watched tv...I gave her Motrin and soon she was feeling better. I am staying home with her tomorrow because Dave was out of town all last week.

Today was a pretty productive day at school...kids were good, work was good. I met with my principal about my post observation. It was funny because the first five minutes he thought I was Christa and was talking about her observation. He said the topic was very confusing and said he didn't think I should have brought up balance sheet of the fed...I explained that the reason I did that was because they had just learned in depth about money creation and what the balance sheet of commercial banks (and the treasury) look like...which is different from the fed's balance sheet...anyway, it went well...I told him I was VERY proud of myself this year. I have gone above and beyond immersing myself in economics (reading Business Week, listening to economic pod casts with Dave) and bringing it into the class.

I came home and made taco soup for my bunko tomorrow night...It is my turn to host (once a year) and made taco soup last year...I am not a good cook, but you can't screw up taco soup...it is sooo good, especially with corn chips, cheese, onions, and sour creme...I am excited because Christa is coming and so is April. It should be fun!


The Three Sisters said...

This was a blog I am glad I was sort of the star

The Three Sisters said...

I meant this was a GOOD blog and was glad I was sort of the star