I wasn't planning on Isabella being sick Monday afternoon...but since she was, you can't bring sick kids to daycare for 24 hours...since Dave was in Vegas all last week at a conference, I was the stay at home parent...which I really didn't mind...especially since Tuesday night was my once a year host bunko at my house...I made taco soup again because you can't screw up taco soup and it is pretty good. Christa and April came and we had a blast...the funniest part of the whole night was when Tara was checking facebook and saw Dave's post...he was quarantined upstairs with the kids...he posted something about how I had bunko and a ton of women, he was upstairs with the kids and he wanted a beer...problem was beer was downstairs....anyway, it was a hoot...we all had a blast...I love my bunko group.

April and Christa spent the night...April has a new appreciation for Dave and his role in the morning with the girls...I had to leave at 6:20, but Dave had to get the girls ready...they screamed for an hour!!!!

Today was pretty traumatic in our school district...with all the budget cuts, they ultimately cut 100 teachers from our district....every district is cutting and those of us left with a job are grateful...very grateful....

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