VERY, VERY Random post

I have five random pictures that all have their own story. I am not sure the order they will post.

#1 Yoga Ball. Sophia is 16 months and she is still not walking. The doctor said she is fine and if by 18 months she isn't walking then we will go to the next step. My mother in law is a physical therapist and noticed that she just is not completely steady on her feet alone. She does wonderful holding on to things, but otherwise is wobbly. She suggested we buy a yoga ball and have her practice her balance.

#2 Birthday card. I have the most AMAZING in-laws. They are always so thoughtful, generous, and caring on my birthday. They always call on the day (April 30) and sing to me. The first year I was dating Dave (or engaged) and it was my b-day, they sent me a packaged. I opened it right away because I have no patience...I then called to say THANK YOU...this is when I found out they really wanted me to open it up on my bday...So ever since, I have waited...Since they came so close to my b-day, they left me a card and said, don't open it...It is sealed shut and words written to make sure I don't peak...so I shall take a picture every day to prove I am being patient:)

#3 Band aids on Sophia...The Easter Bunny brought Isabella Princess band aids...so she put those and stickers all over her poor sister:) I made the mistake of buying princess lip gloss...both girls fight over them and are obsessed...Isabella even used it on her eyes.

#4 My mother in law goes to medical conferences for physical therapy. She brings back interesting things. Today took the cake. Each girl got a small stuffed animal in their Easter Basket. The stuffed animal was of a Staphylococcus Aureus...the germ that causes Staff....how funny is that!

#5 When Dave and I started dating and getting serious (about 5 years ago)...I gave him a gift of a jar with all kinds of things that I wanted to do with him over the course of our life (get married, have kids, go to the Great Wall of China) random stuff...I found the jar, we opened it and read all the ones we have accomplished...it was very cool...and romantic:)

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