Finally, a first tooth is lost!

Isabella finally lost her first tooth!!! She lost it when she was at school!

Isabella starting receiving feedback from her friends about how much the tooth fairy left them. One friend received $20.00!!! I am happy to report that Isabella's tooth fairy left her $5.00.

The weather lately has been WONDERFUL!!!

Saturday the girls had a birthday party at the downtown aquarium.

The party was great! We came back and got in the hot tub. Later we tried a new restaurant.

Sunday was another beautiful day to spend outdoors.

Today we had an Easter egg hunt play date.

We planted herbs/vegetables!


Time is Flying

Things have been crazy busy as usual. We had a few friends over for St. Patrick's Day and Dave cooked a green dinner.

Finley loves her baby dolls!

I had bunco one night in my neighborhood.

Sophia had a going into kindergarten play date at the park.

We met Tara and Lance for Crawfish.

The girls had 2 birthday parties and my in  laws came over.

We decked another room for Dec My Room.

I have been hitting it really hard on diet and exercise trying to lose this weight!

We have been taking evening family walks as much as possible!

School pictures!

One of my skinnier flashback motivation photos.


Isabella is so close to losing her first tooth! She is one of the last ones in her first grade class!

We had gymnastics on Monday and church on Wednesday. We only have a few more of each, which I am grateful for. It will be nice when things slow down.

The entire month of May we have a lady coming to our house to teach the girls survival swim lessons!

Life is good! We are so very blessed!