Go Texan Day

Friday was Go Texan Day. Isabella's daycare sent home a note weeks ago saying we had to make a horse for her. We have been extremely busy so I decided to borrow one from Christa's boy friend Brad and accessorize. The daycare manager said I cheated, but you do what you have to do...she looked so cute. My principal let me leave a few minutes early so I could make it to the little parade where they wheeled the kids around and the ones who could walk did so...Dave missed it but will definitely be there next year!


Weekends with the parents

We have had a busy 2 weekends....Last weekend Dave and I drove to Austin to see Dave's parents...they kindly offered to babysit so we could have a romantic Valentine's Day date...I guess we are self-centered because it did not occur to me until we were in Austin that they were forgoing their own romantic valentines date by watching little Isabella....of course Dave's parents love seeing Isabella so they were very kind about the entire weekend. Saturday Dave took me to the most beautiful point in Austin (I could swear it is a spitting image of Europe), we then went to pick up Danny and Ashley for a fun night....We went to Romeo's...which was packed, but very fun. This weekend my parents came into town because they are on their way back from having dental work in Mexico...for those of you who need any dental work, it is worth the drive...(5 1/2 hours from Houston)...I needed 4 bridges (lucky to be born with 4 baby teeth that had no permanents)...my ritzy Houston dentist wanted to charge me 3,000 a piece (insurance would have paid about 500 or 1,000 each)....I went to Mexico and had 3 bridges done for 1500 total...Dave was embarrassed at first, but after it went well, they look great, and he realized we save about 7500 he got over it. Isabella has started doing lots of great things!!!!

Isabella is 6 1/2 months...she:
- says baaabaaa....I think I heard a maaamaaa in there somewhere
- she now scoots forwards...before it was only back...she actually leaps forward...very cute
- she sits up like a big girl
- she like cartoons...(don't worry she watches an average of 10 minutes a week)
- she sleeps in her own crib!!!!
- she holds her own juice bottle...it is little

She is still the sweetest baby ever....

House update....our house is still on the market....we had 2 people come look at it today....It is soooo hard having to leave for blocks of time and have the house always look perfect...We are hoping the Obabma stimulus attracts more buyers...Dave paid off my debt so we could buy the house...the house is only in my name because he was in MBA school at Rice when we bought it....we are wondering if when we go to buy our next house if he might qualify for the first time home buyers incentives...it sounds greedy, but it doesn't seem fair that all of these irresponsible people are getting help, but normal, honest, hard working Americans don't get anything....we shall see!!!

No matter what, I am still very grateful for my wonderful life....


Isabella LOVES sweet potatoes

So, we have been introducing some food to Isabella...so far it has been pretty much applesauce, bananas, pear, and greens (peas, green beans)...I decided to give Isabella sweet potatoes tonight and boy did she love them!!!! She ate the entire jar....she has never done that! She has been such a sweet little girl.... Here are her stats

Isabella is 6 months- she:
- is trying to crawl...she crawls backwards...she is almost there
- smiles ALL of the time...such a sweet baby
- loves baths at night
- is trying to talk...she makes funny sounds...and if you make them back, that causes her to belly laugh
- loves her exosaucer and johhny jumper...both only for short periods of time
- doesn't really watch too much tv...maybe 30 minutes total per week
- loves to play in her room on the floor with her mommy and daddy
- smiles VERY big when her mommy or daddy ...or even aunt Christa pick her up from daycare
- is spoiled rotten at daycare...they love her SO much!
-is still in her bassinet next to mommy and dadd's bed



That has been the story of all 3 of us lately. First I got sick, then Isabella got sick, and now poor Dave does not feel well. We are super busy between work, my school, Isabella, family, friends, trying to have a social life, and working out. Dave keeps laughing that I never am sitting still. I am multi-tasking most of the day. Today Dave was feeling very bad, but someone wanted to look at the house between 1:30-3:30....we really want to sell our house because it is very hard having a baby, having the house have to always look perfect, and then having to leave the house for hours at a time for people to come look. We met Christa, Brad, and the kids at a park. It was the most beautiful day. We then went to Carters so I could buy Isabella a bathing suit. I recently re-joined the YMCA by my school and Isabella is allowed to go in the pool with me. Soon I am going to sign us up for a mommy/daddy/ baby swim class. Sick Dave stayed in the car while I went inside. A very cute children's boutique is right next door (Chocolate Soup) so of course I had to stop in there as well. I got some really cute summer clothes for Isabella at 50-75% off...No sooner did we get home and started to relax did someone ring the doorbell....(it was 3:45)..Dave and I were aggravated because we thought the people had come...so we went and sat outside while they looked at our house (which was all of 3 minutes...so I am sure it didn't fit the bill)...I looked up the centralized showing site and realized that somehow we missed the fact that 2 different appointments had been set up, 1 for 1:30-3:30 and one from 3-4...we felt bad about being aggravated....Tomorrow Dave has to work a few hours and we are going to try and take Isabella to church. We are going to Austin next weekend for valentine's day so Dave's parents can see Isabella and because they have kindly agreed to watch her while we go on a romantic valentines day date!!!! We have been crazy busy traveling, and it looks like that won't stop anytime soon. Last weekend we drove to New Orleans because we were supposed to run a half marathon with Christa and Brad, but we never had time to train. The trip was very fun and we stayed at Brad's parents awesome house on the golf course. We are going to try and visit Dave's grandmother in New York City for Spring Break (March), we have a friend's wedding in Ft. Lauder dale in April, a friend's wedding in upstate New York in May, and a family beach trip to Florida in June.....Crazy...and we wander why we never have money...haha...