I love my hat!

Sophia loves her purple hat....she thinks she looks very chic...4:45 am came and went...I just couldn't get up and go work out....I packed my work out bag in case I felt the urge (yea right) to go after work...Christa was offering a 2 hour webpage class...All day long I went back and forth...(web class/workout)...ultimately the web class one out....Today was much better than yesterday. My principal and associate principal were all over the campus today doing walk throughs...they came to my class during 1st for about 5 minutes...talk about being nervous! Even though I am in my 13th year of teaching, you never get used to walk throughs...I was in the middle of teaching marginal analysis...the cost and benefit analysis of going to college to my academic students...(many of these kids are still trying to decide whether to go to college)...anyway, it went as good as it could have...I had my student friendly objective on the board, everyone was paying attention, they had a note sheet I created...the best was the fact that I was actually teaching when they walked in....not that I am not always teaching, but you know how Murphy's Law goes...the second you sit in your chair to take roll or something, your boss walks in...anyway, they were nice enough to leave a little note with positive feedback.

The rest of the day went by fast...Christa and I interviewed girls who wanted senior women officer positions.

When I picked up Isabella she was wearing a different outfit...apparently she threw up a little at lunch...they didn't know if she ate too fast or what because otherwise she was her normal self...I then picked up Sophia and the teacher said she had a very bad cough during nap time...they tried to shift her, but she just kept coughing.... Both of course ate very little, but Isabella threw up again when she was eating....which of course means she is really sick...so Dave has to work from home Thursday and Friday (Friday the daycare is closed for teacher in service)...He will keep both girls home. Hopefully Isabella will be better by 4:30 because it is her first day of DANCE at the Y!!!!

wednesday picts


Roast...it' whats for dinner

I made a crock pot roast for dinner....yum...soooo good....and easy, and wonderful smelling when you walk in after a long day at work....easy recipe....1 roast, 2 cans of low fat creme of mushroom soup, 2 cans of water, bell pepper, onion, (season the roast with tony's).....serve over rice....

Of course the kids ate very little...that is ok...bc every night they eat very little, it ends up in their lunch box the next day!!! By that time they are hungry and will eat it!

Today was hard....I hate complaining because I feel like a brat....I have such a wonderful life....wonderful husband, kids, family, friends, house, car....etc...I could go on and on...I am just super sensitive....I am happy for everyone....I want the best for everyone...Every job I have worked at I have had worked with the BEST people...we have had soooo much fun....My current job has some really nice people....but sometimes I get the vibe from people that they hate the fact that Christa and I are so close and that we work together....I just don't get it....and in the meanwhile I take it personally and let it ruin my whole day....

I just have to keep praying for positiveness (is that a word?)...and be GRATEFUL for what I do have....and the fact I have a job! I love my students...they are wonderful...and they really enjoy my class.

Anyway, life is good.....the girls are being cute...playing with each other.....Sophia's teacher did her hair in cute pig tails, but Dave only had one bow...so she is uneven....but cute....Isabella's teacher keeps putting her in side pony tails...Dave keeps telling me he feels like the girls look like rag a muffins every day....he is good....great in fact!!!!!! I am blessed!!!!


Please EAT!

My kids are never hungry....neither one of them....I try and try and try....they don't even eat well at school...I am not packing junk...fruit, veggies, sandwiches, chicken, rice, left overs... They just can't be bothered....It is very frustrating...Dave and I have started giving them supplemental shakes so they get the calories and vitamins....

4:45 came very early this morning. I think it was 80 degrees as I was driving down I-10 around 5 am to the gym...Today was soooo hot...High of 106 or something. This heat is the worst ever....Every year we say it is bad...but this year really seems to be bad...We keep breaking heat records...When I get into my car in the late afternoon it say 117....HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!!!

I had a pretty good day at school...I am teaching all of my kids how to set up a stock market portfolio...they are given 150,000 fake money to invest and track throughout the semester....My AP kids are doing it, but ultimately would become savvy because they are going to college, etc...lots of my academic kids may never be exposed to how this works...for them I am excited about showing them how they can gain wealth (even in these economic times!).. The kids want to invest in companies like Wal-Mart, Coca Cola, etc...but I tell them to look for companies where there is potential growth....If the 52 week high is 90.50 a share and the stock is selling for 90.00 a share, they should be careful about buying high....I kind of thing Bank of America is a good option...It is currently selling for 8 something...high of 15 something....in the past 5 years it got to 50 or 55 a share...this could be a good deal....lots of the kids want to invest in Apple...which is always good...but there are lots of factors...#1 the new Iphone is about to come out (good), #2 Steven Jobs just resigned as CEO (bad, bc of health reasons)....we shall see.

This afternoon Christa and I held our first Senior Women meeting...We had over 100 girls show up...This looks like a fun group...we feel sorry for Senior Men because they never can get themselves organized....ever...they get so jealous we do fun stuff (sometimes we invite them)...but they need to buck up and find some good leaders!!! haha...

I picked up the girls and took them to HEB. They love going to the store with me and sampling some of the food. We came back, I attempted to feed them dinner, and now we are relaxing....the cycle start again...




Mom's "Surprise" 60th Birthday Party

Mom's 60th birthday was coming up and we were trying to think of some way special to celebrate....Although we through out ideas, my dad insisted we have a party. The idea was that we would have a surprise wine tasting bday party. Well, somehow my mom caught wind of the party...Instead of keeping up with the surprise, she kept talking about it....too funny...It ultimately was a great party. She was especially excited about her bday present from Christa, Michelle, and I....We surprised her with a weekend trip to Austin. We are staying at a 4 star hotel and having spa treatments on the Saturday.


Mix matched clothes....

When I picked up Isabella (before Sophia) I was in shock when I saw her wearing Sophia's clothes. In my mind I could not even imagine little Sophia in Isabella's outfit. I thought maybe Dave found another outfit, but then thought probably not. When I went to pick up Sophia, there she was....draping in Isabella's clothes...All I could do was laugh...her teachers didn't seem to notice until I mentioned it...I called Dave on the way home and he admitted that because I put the clothes on the opposite side, he got confused...and he dressed Isabella first and by the time he realized what happened, he was running late, so he just went for it.....

I love him so much for getting them ready!!!!!

Tomorrow we leave for Louisiana....we are throwing my mom a surprise 60th bday party, but she knows about it and keeps talking about it....too funny....

Make me pretty

Isabella and Sophia were playing well last night...Isabella kept trying to brush Sophia's hair...too cute:)



Today was uneventful. Dave worked from home because he had to wait for the pest control to come...we have these really annoying little itty bitty ants...which means our house has to be crumb free 24/7 which is pretty much impossible with a 1 and 3yr old. Probably the only interesting thing about my day was when one of my 12th grade students walked into class with his head phones draped through his ear holes...he has the type of piercing that stretches the holes so that they are large....large enough for ear buds to hang through...it was pretty gross to watch.

The girls were super excited that their daddy was home when we all got home. Dave helped Isabella work with her letters. Sophia played on other stuff. We are at home tomorrow, driving to LA for my mom's bday on Friday and then in Austin the following weekend....we are crazy travelers!!!!


sticker book

Isabella is so into her sticker book that she got for her birthday. The back has all the stickers with pages on it. So, Isabella needs either Dave or I to show her where the stickers go. Every day I pick her up lately they have been playing with play dough....she loves it...and her friends are too cute...always trying to help her...get her backpack...they literally run trying to do things for her....she certainly has lots of people (including us) wrapped around her finger.

Isabella is still in our bed. She starts out in her bed...Dave reads the girls Aesops's Fables. She keeps coming down in the middle of the night (over and over)....she says she is scared of a monster in her room...Dave brings her back up the stairs over and over until she finally wins...haha...

I love high heels

Sophia loves high heels.....even if they don't match. She is such a girlie girl. She is still doing very well in her new class. I love that her new teachers make her look cute all the time...her hair (especially after nap time) is PERFECT!

Some cute things Sophia is doing:
- says up when she wants to get up in our bed and down when she wants down
- when she is tired, I ask her if she wants to go to her crib...she always shakes her head and says NO!
- she waves all the time and loves to blow kisses
- she hasn't been as good of an eater as normal
- she likes to find safety pins...Isabella always catches her, grabs it, says NO! and hands it to me...Isabella is so protective of Sophia


First day of school

Today was my first day back with students. It went really well! The kids were great. I am excited about this year....Life is good! The girls were being very cute after I picked them up from school. Isabella said she wanted bananas for lunch tomorrow so we stopped at HEB for a few things. Dave asked me to buy barrettes because he is struggling with doing their hair in the morning and feels they will be treated better if they look better....of course they are treated awesome!

We came home and waited for Dave to come home...he was a bit late because of a work issue. I made a VERY tasty dream dinner enchilada meal. Sophia snacked on blue berries. We probably will take it easy tonight...Last night Dave and I watched an old movie- Working Girl with Melanie Griffith....is was sooo good...both of us thought we saw it years ago, but did not remember it....so it was like we watched it for the first time.