Yea, Daddy's home

This past weekend was soooo long...why? Because Dave was in New York without us. His grandmother's unveiling was on Sunday so he was gone all day Sat, Sun, and returned today. I am glad that he got to go and visit with family. The three of us pretty much took it easy. They were awesome!

Today I was back at school. I had a noon appointment to get my bridge put in..I called in an hour to our sub system. Long story short, the dentist kept me waiting half an hour and then it took a while for him to fit it properly. By that time it made more sense for me to call in the rest of the day to the sub system so that I didn't have to drive back to Houston for a few minutes left of work.

Today when I picked up the girls I did not go up to them right away. I like to observe them without them knowing. I went to pick up Isabella first and she was in a circle with a man reading a story (have no idea who he was)...anyway, I was super impressed because he asked a few questions and she answered them in a higher order thinking way (I know...that is the teacher in me)....When I went to pick Sophia up from her new classroom, she was sitting with all the kids eating a snack. She seems to REALLY like being with older kids. Her teacher said she was impressed because when they were in a circle doing sign language, Sophia really was watching and concentrating so she could do it right...(that's my girl!)..

Dave is on his way home from the airport. Isabella and Sophia helped me make a nice dinner...(dream dinner of course...Crispy French Onion chicken, rice, mixed veggies, and a nice salad. yum! I am grateful my routine has started and I am able to do my daily 5 am workouts at the Y....I need to shed some of this summer weight.

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