I heart Cars 2, salad, and bday presents

Happy hump day. This is my last full week before I go back to school. Today we met Christa and Will at the mall to watch Cars 2. Sophia lasted about an hour before I had to take her out...Sophia stayed with Christa to finish it..the movie was almost 2 hrs long! What is up with that? When we got home there was a huge package for Isabella from Dave's parents.. (she can't open it until Sunday which is her real bday)...

I took a picture of Sophia eating salad to prove to my mom that I do feed my girls vegetables and they like them:)

The past few days were stressful because my mom was in the hospital and my friend had brain surgury....Luckily on both fronts they are both ok.

Isabella told me the other day "mom, you are getting fat...are you pregnant?" of course I am not...but I said to her, where did you learn something like that....and of course I have gained a few summer pounds but have been to the gym the last 3 days and burned 700 calories each day:)

Speaking of YMCA...I signed Isabella up for dance (tap and ballet) at the Y. I looked at other dance studios, but the latest class for 3 year olds was 3:30...or on Saturday (which we can't do since we are out of town so much)...the Y had Thursday classes from 4:15-5....I can't wait for her to start:)

Also, Sophia is being transitioned to the next room at daycare:)

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The Rodriguez Family said...

I'm so happy to hear that your mom is doing better. I feel like such a bad friend for not asking about it last night.