I love my hat!

Sophia loves her purple hat....she thinks she looks very chic...4:45 am came and went...I just couldn't get up and go work out....I packed my work out bag in case I felt the urge (yea right) to go after work...Christa was offering a 2 hour webpage class...All day long I went back and forth...(web class/workout)...ultimately the web class one out....Today was much better than yesterday. My principal and associate principal were all over the campus today doing walk throughs...they came to my class during 1st for about 5 minutes...talk about being nervous! Even though I am in my 13th year of teaching, you never get used to walk throughs...I was in the middle of teaching marginal analysis...the cost and benefit analysis of going to college to my academic students...(many of these kids are still trying to decide whether to go to college)...anyway, it went as good as it could have...I had my student friendly objective on the board, everyone was paying attention, they had a note sheet I created...the best was the fact that I was actually teaching when they walked in....not that I am not always teaching, but you know how Murphy's Law goes...the second you sit in your chair to take roll or something, your boss walks in...anyway, they were nice enough to leave a little note with positive feedback.

The rest of the day went by fast...Christa and I interviewed girls who wanted senior women officer positions.

When I picked up Isabella she was wearing a different outfit...apparently she threw up a little at lunch...they didn't know if she ate too fast or what because otherwise she was her normal self...I then picked up Sophia and the teacher said she had a very bad cough during nap time...they tried to shift her, but she just kept coughing.... Both of course ate very little, but Isabella threw up again when she was eating....which of course means she is really sick...so Dave has to work from home Thursday and Friday (Friday the daycare is closed for teacher in service)...He will keep both girls home. Hopefully Isabella will be better by 4:30 because it is her first day of DANCE at the Y!!!!

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