Happy Birthday Dave

Today didn't start off well. Today is Dave's 33rd birthday (Isabella's 3rd is tomorrow)...I felt Dave's head and he was burning up. It seems like he got whatever was going around in my family from the past week. He was a good sport about it and said that he wanted to get up and go out. We ran errands the first part of the day. Isabella got a hair cut and then we went and bought ballet and tap shoes for her dance class. We then went to Katy Mills so Dave could pick out his birthday gift. (he got a soda streamer....he has wanted one for a long time...it basically makes coke at home)...we came home and rested, the girls and I made Dave cupcakes for his birthday and then we headed back out for a few more errands. I feel bad that he didn't get a nice birthday dinner out somewhere, but we decided on a rain check since he wasn't feeling well.

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