Today was uneventful. Dave worked from home because he had to wait for the pest control to come...we have these really annoying little itty bitty ants...which means our house has to be crumb free 24/7 which is pretty much impossible with a 1 and 3yr old. Probably the only interesting thing about my day was when one of my 12th grade students walked into class with his head phones draped through his ear holes...he has the type of piercing that stretches the holes so that they are large....large enough for ear buds to hang through...it was pretty gross to watch.

The girls were super excited that their daddy was home when we all got home. Dave helped Isabella work with her letters. Sophia played on other stuff. We are at home tomorrow, driving to LA for my mom's bday on Friday and then in Austin the following weekend....we are crazy travelers!!!!


nana said...

Your daughters are beautiful!

The Wilcox's said...

thanks!!!! so is your son:)