First day of school

Today was my first day back with students. It went really well! The kids were great. I am excited about this year....Life is good! The girls were being very cute after I picked them up from school. Isabella said she wanted bananas for lunch tomorrow so we stopped at HEB for a few things. Dave asked me to buy barrettes because he is struggling with doing their hair in the morning and feels they will be treated better if they look better....of course they are treated awesome!

We came home and waited for Dave to come home...he was a bit late because of a work issue. I made a VERY tasty dream dinner enchilada meal. Sophia snacked on blue berries. We probably will take it easy tonight...Last night Dave and I watched an old movie- Working Girl with Melanie Griffith....is was sooo good...both of us thought we saw it years ago, but did not remember it....so it was like we watched it for the first time.

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