I got the freezer meal dud

Funny freezer meal story. Christa made Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana soup and Italian sandwich sliders for her meal to exchange.

The sandwiches were so good. Many of us in the club decided to make her dish the day of the exchange. Christa posted a picture of hers while she was making it.

When we were at the exchange Christa asked me to take the bag that would not close all the way. Of course I would because if anyone has to take it, I would rather it be me because we are sisters.

She broke one of our cardinal freezer meal club rules that you should try and freeze ziplocks flat so it is easy to store  in the freezer.

Back to the soup. I came home and followed the heating instructions. I didn't get why she called it a soup. Mine was more like a hash. It tasted great, but not soupy.

One of the freezer members posted how awesome her soup was. Another member followed with the same comment. I wondered if they were just being nice. I took a picture of mine to see which soup they got.

Everyone but me got the creamy soup. Christa admitted that I must have gotten the last bag. She was so tired and since she had extra potatoes decided to dump them all in the last batch. She didn't realize that the potatoes sucked up all the soup, thus why I got a hash.

We laughed about this and both agreed that it was good that I got the dud (that still was tasty) because we are sisters. 

Go Longhorns

We had a lazy day with the girls. I tried yo clean my house because it still is a disaster. We went to Ashlee's parents house with the kids to watch the UT game.

Yesterday I put this headband on Finley to see how long she would keep it on!

Earlier in the day Sophia, Dave, and Finley all took naps. Isabella and I baked cupcakes.



Isabella mentioned to me yesterday that she would like Kolaches for breakfast. Dave is awesome and went out this morning to get us a few.

Yesterday was great. After Isabella got on the bus I was driving to drop Sophia off at school when she asked if she could spend the day with me. Of course she could! It was nice to give her some extra quality time.

We had meet the teacher for Finley and Charlotte. Next week they start a Mother's Day out two days a week.

I love that they sit at this table instead of high chairs.

We met Christa's family at Cheddars for dinner. The company was great, the service was awful. I guess that happens every once and a while.


Little Bull Dog

I'm talking about cute Charlotte. She us adorable but unintentionally beats poor Finley up. Finley started pushing a chair across the floor and Charlotte just kept ramming her. It's all done innocently.

Today we exchanged freezer meals. Our newest member upped the packaging ante by making her tins look super cute!

I signed Sophia up for a practice class at the nearby new gymnastics place.

I also submitted the paperwork to get our pool/patio started! Whooohoo!! It looks like the estimated (fingers crossed) end date is 11/30. We ended up with going with stamped concrete because of so many people raving about it.

Sophia. Finley, and I ran into Kroger for a few items before Isabella got home.

Life is good! We are blessed!


All Day Freezer Meal Cooking

I need to be more thoughtful about my freezer meals. A few months I have chosen recipes that are complicated. This month I decided to make chicken fettucini Alfredo. It wasn't a freezer meal recipe and so there were lots of issues.

Christa posted more pictures from Brad's party.