School Shopping

Today was a great day. I took the girls to the outlet mall for school clothes/shoes.

Sophia wore these boots until I bought her sparkly light up silver tennis shoes.

Everything was great except when we left Carter's. We sat on the bench outside the store and the girls were both in the stroller (which they are too big for!)

Right after I took this picture I made the girls get out so Finley could sleep. Imagine my horror when they got up and I saw a stack of clothes we had not paid for.

I immediately ran back to the store to pay for the items. Later I asked the girls why the clothes were under them. Isabella said they didn't want to hold the clothes.

Later the girls tried everything on. We were tired and it was hot, but they were sports when I drug them to the gym at 5.  They had a great time. 

I made shrimp for dinner.

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