New school and cheerleading

Today I registered Isabella for her first grade at her new school. She is excited, especially about riding the bus.

I told Sophia to get dreses and this is what she came down wearing. Of course I would not let her leave the house in this.

We were supposed to go school shopping but the girls just wanted to go home and relax.

We sent this picture to Dave today and he thought we spent all day in bed (not true). We rested for a bit and then the girls helped me do laundry, sweep, mop, and clean the house.

I let the girls play with a birthday present from Dave's parents. I let then play with it my bedroom and sent Picts to Dave.

Isabella wanted to do cheerleading at her new school. A group was formed to cheer on the K and 1st grade football team. She will get a uniform, practice one day a week and cheer on some Saturdays. She met 4 other girls who were sweet. Two of the moms are in our freezer club.

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