Finley's First Steps

Dave writing...

I wish I had some photos or something but today Finley took her first steps. I'm not sure if we should properly count it as the steps were due to the fact that I tricked her.

I also wish I had some photos. Since she's still crawling at the moment I assume we'll do another post when she's walking regurlaly.

Anyway, Finley was cruising around the coffee table and took a brief step to move to the couch. She then cruised around the couch. I was at the end of the couch and coaxed her to come to me. She continued to cruise to me until she reached the end of the couch. I then held out my hands to her and beckoned her. She took three steps to get to me. When she tried to bend down to crawl, I raised my hands so she stood up instead.

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