Blinds and The Shack

We have blinds!!! We are so appreciative and happy. It took almost 6 hours for the sweet girl (my age) to install 24. The girls and I basically had to stay home and stay busy.

I told the girls the plan was to do a few chores, do a craft, watch a tv, do a few more chores, play a game, and repeat. Overall it was a good day. They helped with chores, did art stuff, we played uno, and they watched My Little Pony.

Isabella stole my phone and created this picture.

When Dave got home we decided to try a restaurant we have heard great things about. It is callled The Shack and is about 8 miles from our house. It is an outdoor burger joint that is super cool and very family friendly. 

The girls had a blast playing with a ton of kids in a huge sandpit with barrels to roll in, playground equipment, and even a stage. At one point I saw Sophia (only  person) on the stage doing a cute dance to get attention.

I am trying to be good on carbs so this is what I ordered. I gave Dave my bacon. I also did good and only drank water. This is big for me because it is a Friday night, we were outside at a fun place:)

Overall I would highly recommend this secret gem (or not so secret). It seems like you have stepped into Austin when you are sitting at your (artsy decorated) picnic table. It just had a great vibe and they had lots of fans to keep people cool.

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