Super Heroes

My girls decided they wanted to be super Heros today (actually Sophia decided and Isabella followed):)

We ran errands with Christa and Charlotte because my cleaning lady was at my house. The good news is that the blinds were delivered and are being installed Friday!!!! Yea!!!

Christa and I went to the local HEB to have our eyebrows dyed (this is a new thing for me). I sent Dave and Brad this funny picture.

We went and had lunch and then to a Hobby Lobby. I accidently dropped my credit card in the parking lot and someone was kind enough to turn it in. The manager was kind enough to call my credit card company so I don't have to cancel it.


Isabella tattles all the time..so much, we are working on it. She tattled that Sophia took an extra crescent roll, but Finley ended up with the prize:)


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