Noah's Ark Pool

Today I drove to Isabella's old school to pick up her last report card. I'm enrolling her in her new school tomorrow and need it. After we met friends and their kids at a pool that is at a church. It is super nice and they charge 7.00 per person. Finley didn't have to pay because under one is free. She officially turns one tomorrow.

Sophia and Jett were holding hands (he is 3).

(Sneaking my phone)

After we came home and relaxed and then went to the gym. I've been doing great on my health kick. Haven't had a drop of alcohol or soda since Wednesday and have been trying to eat low carb. I feel like a different person since getting on thyroid medicine.

My beautiful niece Paige turned 16 today!

On a sad note, famous actor and comedian Robin Williams died today. He was 63, suffered depression, and sadly killed himself. 

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