New Stitch Fix

I received my monthly stitch fix. I asked for more tops and my stylist listened to me. Before I give my opinion about the overall fix, I will just share the pictures and information.

This fit well and the price is not bad. 

I tried it with one of my jackets. 

I like that the jacket is out of the box. I think I would have preferred a different color. Regardless it had a seem or material problem so I have to send it back.

Trying to figure out the right color accessories.

This next picture is blurry (Isabella was my photographer).

I feel like this shirt is too country or mammaw.

Overall I felt my fix was just ok...not one of my favorites. I might keep just one or two things.

I still love getting my fixes, but I don't feel like I have to keep or try to keep everything. I'm just looking for pieces that are super cute, high quality, that I wouldn't think to buy myself. 

What do you guys think?

Also, for anyone who is just learning about stich fix, it is easy to sign up for and I would appreciate you using my referral code (it's on my FB wall).

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