Dave surprised me with a weekend getaway to Fredericksburg, Texas to celebrate my turning 30 on the 30th. We had a great time!!! It was so nice to get away to a relaxing environment. Dave arranged for us to stay at a cute little house right off of Main Street. Friday night we at dinner at a German restaurant and then crashed. Saturday we had a nice breakfast at a place called Hannahs, window shopped downtown, took a nap, and then watched a band Saturday night. We stopped for a little while in Luchenbach, Texas (picture to right) Little Isabella kicked on and off the entire weekend. We had a doctor's appointment a few days ago (everything looks great)...We get one more ultra sound in 7 weeks...(she will be 33 weeks) and then 7 weeks later we will get to meet her:)


Busy Weekend

Friday evening Christa, Dave, and I had sushi at Miyako because it was HAPPY HOUR prices....It was sooo good...we then came home where Dave watched Battlestar Galactica while Christa and I stayed up until midnight working on a graduate project. Saturday I woke up early to give a practice AP exam to my 4 government students who showed up. Dave occupied his time by buying "For Dummies" books at Barnes and Nobles. We then went to a birthday lunch at a Mexican restaurant, went home for an hour nap and then went to Paul and Rebecca's engagement barbecue. We woke up this morning, went walking, then went to mass (the bishop gave the Homily), barbecued at Christa's with the kids and then went to the grocery store. We are exhausted:)

Baby News: Isabella is getting bigger....or at least I am....she has started to kick pretty hard...which I am ok with....We love her so much and can't wait to meet her!


Kicking Up a Storm

Dave and I were lucky enough to sleep in this morning. We did not wake until almost 10 am!!! As soon as I woke up Dave and I started talking to Isabella. After a minute or so of talking, she started kicking me. I think she was trying to tell us that she was listening to the "cheesy" stuff we were saying:) She moves all the time now and it is neat to see my belly move. Dave's brother Danny and wife Ashlee came into town this weekend and we met up with them for dinner last night. They bought the cutest little purple jumper for Isabella that she will be able to wear right away. Christa and I spent much of the weekend working on assignments for our graduate classes. We have less than a month left to the semester and it seems like all of the assignments are due at the same time. Dave kept himself occupied by playing computer games and checking on me every now and then. One of the cool things we did get to do this weekend was take William to William's Tower near the Galleria....If you haven't been there, it is such a nice place with the prettiest water fountain.


Puzzles/ Daddy feels baby's kick for first time!

Dave and I bought a puzzle Friday night to have a nice date night. It was fun putting together but I have to admit, he was more dedicated because a few days later he is still trying to finish it. I am cheering him on. He has been working late so it is nice to come home, relax, and spend time together.

Corrin doesn't understand. We HAVE to finish the puzzle. It's attached to a bomb. If we don't finish it, it will go BOOM! Just one more piece...

(so Dave wants to also contribute to the blog...the weird parts are his:)
I was sitting watching Dave put the puzzle together when Isabella started kicking up a storm. Dave has been dying to feel something and tonight it finally happened!!!! The look on his face as he felt her kick my stomach was awesome!!!!! We are so excited!


Nursery almost complete

I just have to thank my mom and sister April for all of their hard work on Isabella's nursery. They literally worked for days...so hard- sewing, painting, building....they are AWESOME!!!


2nd year wedding anniversary/ baby's nursery

Dave and I just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary!!!! It was so nice. Dave bought me roses, a spa day package and took me to Marks, a fancy Houston restaurant. It was the perfect day. My mom and sister April were so nice and came in this past weekend to help with Isabella's nursery. They worked their tales off. Everything in the nursery is custom made- from the chandelier, window treatments, built ins, to the baby's bedding. April and I went shopping and the baby's layettes were 200-600!!!! Crazy...someone is making a fortune.