Lots of happenings

Lots of things going on in the Wilcox household. Isabella is of course getting cuter and cuter everyday. She can walk with her walking toy. She loves it. I am 16weeks pregnant and have started to feel the baby. Dave's parents came in for the weekend and we had a great visit. They completely adore Isabella. Dave and I went to a fabulous wedding atop the Exxon Building at the Petroleum Club. So beautiful- they even had a photo booth. (very cool idea). In other exciting news, Dave was contacted out of the blue by his old company. They had a job opportunity that was too good to pass up, so Dave is leaving CP and returning to the old job. I am happy for Dave because he LOVED his previous job. He really liked CP, but this was something he just could not say no to. So he will be working in downtown Houston again. I like the fact that he will be wearing a tie again!!! Cheesy, but he looks so good all dressed up.

I have started decorating the new house, room by room. I started with the master bedroom and have decided I HATE painting!!!! I guess painting is like having a baby...you forget how bad it is until you are doing it again!!! We leave for Idaho next Tuesday to visit April. We are so excited about seeing them and the new coffee shop.

I love sushi!

We found a new sushi restaurant that we like a lot. Aka on Eldridge. Dave, Isabella and I met a few days ago during his lunch break.

I have lots of teeth!

6 to be exact...2 on bottom, 4 on top!


Crazy Day

Well, today was a crazy day. Both Farrah Faucet and Michael Jackson died. The death of Farrah was expected because she has been sick for quite some time but MJ was a shock to everyone.

Isabella and I had a low key today. Dave's parents are coming into town tomorrow so I spent the day cleaning the entire house and doing laundry. Isabella is still following me everywhere, but she can entertain herself for a longer bits of time. Yesterday I met with a couple of girl friends and Christa (and the kids) for a sushi lunch. My friend Ashley is having a baby girl and we are planning her baby shower! Isabella is starting to really be adventurous with her food and ended up loving fried calamari. Dave has been working crazy long hours so it was a nice end to an evening yesterday by going to eat Greek food.

I bought Isabella this vintage print dress and matching bow on Etsy for twenty something dollars. What a steal! She has way too many clothes. If baby number 2 is a girl, we will definitely be set. Dave and I still have no idea about baby names. We love Isabella's name so much and want to love the other babies name too!


What....swim diapers aren't absorbant???

So, I found this out today when Isabella peed all over me while we were eating at Chick Filet. Apparently this is a right of passage that new moms all must go through. Christa and I took all of the kids (hers, Brad's, and mine) to the Cinco Ranch water park. We decided to go to have lunch at Chick Filet afterward so I just threw a dress over her swim diaper and bathing suit. Next thing you know she is sitting on my lap (empty high chair right next to us) when it occurred.

So far this summer has been very relaxing. I can honestly say I am not getting much accomplished, but I am justifying it by telling myself that I need a break. Isabella and I take long naps (I am 15 weeks pregnant) and hang out. She is getting cuter and cuter every day. We went to Panama City Beach Florida with my family last week. We had a great time, but realized taking a baby to the beach is hard. The second we would drag all of our stuff out there, lather her with sunscreen she would get sand all over her face and eyes....poor baby.

I am truly grateful that we were able to sell our house and move to Cinco Ranch. Dave, Isabella, and I love our new house and neighborhood. We take Isabella for walks to the park (when it is not 100 degrees out side). We especially love going to the town center (about 2.5 miles from our house) on Thursday or Saturday evenings. They have music playing, food, beer and wine, and a water play area that Isabella can play in.

Isabella is 10 months. A few updates on Isabella:
- has 5 teeth (2 on bottom, 3 on top)
- knows how to clap when we ask her to
- claps when we play "if you are happy and know it" game
- when we ask her "what does a cow say" she tries to moo
- cruises around furniture
- has stood up on her own for a few seconds
- is very close to taking a few steps
- has thrown a few tantrums (very short)

Also, we have been trying to introduce her to lots of non-baby jar food. She loves Subway tuna sandwhiches, chicken nuggets, organges, lemons, pancakes, ice cream,


Day 2 of summer vacation

Well, I can honestly say I got more accomplished today than I did yesterday. Monday was a very lazy day for Isabella and I. The highlight was when she peed on the wood floor because I was too slow changing her diaper. I was grateful she missed the rug and it was easy to clean! Today I made Isabella pancakes for breakfast, we drove to Christa's to hang out with her and Paige....actually they drove over here this morning and then took Isabella for about an hour so I could do some uninterrupted housework. I drove into town so that we could go have lunch. We went to Cheesecake Factory and had a nice time. Of course I forgot the stroller (always happens when I am going to the galleria!) We then went back to my old part of town so we could get cheap pedicures and eyebrow waxes. It has been a year since the last time I got a pedicure so needless to say I was overdue! Isabella then got treated to a snow cone and then we went home. She loves playing with the Fisher Price "Little People" barn we bought her. Dave has been working long hours (gets home around 7:30) so I really am looking forward to our Florida beach trip next week!


weekend update

We had a great, busy weekend. Friday was my last day of school. Saturday we had dinner with some of Dave's former co-workers. We also went to the Cinco Ranch water park. It is amazing. We still can't believe we live in such a nice neighborhood. Sunday we puttered around the house and relaxed. Today (Monday) was the first day with just Isabella and I. We didn't do much except relax, play, and watch Ice Age. When Dave got home we walked to the park so that Isabella could swing. Dave also caved in and bought her an ice cream from the ice cream truck.