Wow!!!! Did I really get through that:)

Longest day ever!!! Took girls to school, realized we forgot Sophia's lunch and backpack at home...drove home...completed my internship all day...decided to treat us to Whole Foods for dinner...sushi and pizza:)

Isabella kept photo bombing Sophia:)

We skipped dance because we got out of school late and I was stressing about my presentation I had from 9-10 pm..

From about 5-7 I worked on finishing touches and then locked myself up in the study for a online class from 7:15-8:45, then my hour presentation from 9-10...the girls and Dave were awesome!!! So quiet and when I had technical difficulties,  Dave helped me out:) i went to give kisses to the sleeping girls and decided I had to take pictures..I noticed Sophia was faking when she tried to hide that cute grin.

Highlight of my day was being able to tellIsabella  hi in thr cafeteria:)



We are busy!!! But in a good way:) I dropped the girls off at school. They both wanted me to braid their hair.

Here is the hair after they got home..Sophia put her pjs on:)

I bought the girls new car seats...They love them! They are big enough to sit in the ones that use the seat belt...

Christa's painter and carpenter called/came over to give is quotes for projects...since we have decided to stay in our house for a few more years, I want to finish it!!!

Here are some ideas


Faux snow day part deaux

So grateful today was another false snow day. I spent all day yesterday working on an assignment for my class. I'm trying to get all my work done before the weekend. So far I have gotten a ton accomplished! Plus I received an email saying I was approved to apply for Spring graduation on May 17!!!!! I am so close!


2nd place

Our team won 2nd place at the chili cook-off...it was a lot of fun. We had a 4 pm meeting at church to meet with a leader about Finley's baptism:)


I got to bond with Isabella and Dave got to bond with Sophia and Finley. 
I took Isabella and 9 other Daisys to the WOW camp out. We left at 7 am and returned at 8 pm...it was a great day! The girls fished, hiked, participated on a scavenger hunt and camp fire:)


Dave took Sophia to a princess party:)


Snow Day With No Snow

Today all the schools in the Houston and surrounding areas closed because of cold weather.  It didn't snow but there was ice on the roads..I got mad that Dave drove downtown to work, but he came home safely:)

After the roads became safer the girls and I ran a few errands in Katy. I bought 2 new tires for the Buick. The girls colored and played with my hair to pass time:)

We then returned stuff at hobby lobby and ran to HEB for a couple if things. The girls were eating soup in the cafe and I was holding Finley. A woman wasn't paying attention and rammed my cart so hard and almost hit me and the baby...it was so bizzare...when she realized she almost rammed full force into a mother holding her 5 month old baby, she was mortified...

Thursdays are crazy!!!

I have decided Thursdays are crazy! Dave had to take the girls to school because I had a 7:25 faculty meeting. I dropped Finley off and then headed to school...I really can't believe I am back at a school 2 days a week:) I am enjoying it, but really love the freedom of being a sahm:)
After school Isabella and I ran to pick up Sophia and Finley so the girls could make it on time to dance...I thought about skipping because it was getting sooo cold!!! After dance we headed home, I made dinner and then had an online class from 7:15-8:45...long day:) but good:)
Sophia modeling Finley's sweater:)



Today was great. Dave and I have been thinking about moving. We love our house but there are a few things we wished we had...our biggest concern about selling our house is that there are so few houses to buy..we talked and talked and decided to stay in our house and spend a little money doing stuff that we put off doing. Financially it will be better for us to stay for a few mire years..Christa went with me around twin to look at furniture and other stuff. We had both babies in the baby Bjorne..needless to say we got looks:)

And finally..I'm on a diet..it sucks!!! Praying I can stick to it!!!!