Thursday was busy! Dave said, "Corrin, please just take a few days and relax..if you do that, then you will have so much energy when I get home you can pamper me"...haha..too funny...doesn't he know he married a Skelly girl and we are too ADD to take it easy:)

The car rider line drove me crazy! Wednesday they called it a rainy day at the last minute..so by the time I got in the line it was around 4:10 before I got Isavella. Thursday I decided to be more strategic because the girls had dance at the Y. I got in the car rider line at 2:44 because it was pouring. By 3:15 is calmed down and they started writing down car tags. I asked the lady if it was a rainy day...she said not so far..so I got out of the line and parked...just in time to get a message that it was in fact a rainy day.
I know, first works problems. I didn't have time to get back in line so I just got Sophia and Finley out and we checked Isabelja out of the car rider line:)

At dinner everyone left the table except me and Sophia. She looked at me and said, "well, it looks like it us just the two of us"...she is a ham:)

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