Wow!!!! Did I really get through that:)

Longest day ever!!! Took girls to school, realized we forgot Sophia's lunch and backpack at home...drove home...completed my internship all day...decided to treat us to Whole Foods for dinner...sushi and pizza:)

Isabella kept photo bombing Sophia:)

We skipped dance because we got out of school late and I was stressing about my presentation I had from 9-10 pm..

From about 5-7 I worked on finishing touches and then locked myself up in the study for a online class from 7:15-8:45, then my hour presentation from 9-10...the girls and Dave were awesome!!! So quiet and when I had technical difficulties,  Dave helped me out:) i went to give kisses to the sleeping girls and decided I had to take pictures..I noticed Sophia was faking when she tried to hide that cute grin.

Highlight of my day was being able to tellIsabella  hi in thr cafeteria:)

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