Highlights from our trip...

I wanted to write the highlights from our trip before I forget them:)

We were on the road for about 10 minutes (I-10) just left Christa's house when one of their suitcases (Paige's) fell off the top of their car.  Thankfully we were behind them.  Dave pulled over and I ran down the freeway to retrieve the bag.

We drove to Wichita Falls and stayed at the Hilton Homewood Suites.  Lots of free amenities! We like free!

Abby rode the entire time with us. She sat in a tiny space between Sophia and Isabella.  The girls were thrilled to have their cousin with them.  Sophia would periodically get into her moods and start acting up...I would tell her to be nice because Abby will want to go back to the other car:)

When we were about 3 hours from Angel Fire, we realized that we might have little or no internet!!! Which turned out to be true:)

We had a blast playing taboo one night.

The babies were great in daycare and Isabella and Sophia did awesome in ski school.  Isabella was the star of her group and was moved up the next day to go on the bunny slopes.  The teachers kept asking me over and over how old Sophia was...I knew they thought I lied about her being 4...I told them the truth....she turned 4 a couple of weeks ago...and she is just tiny!!!  Sophia loved ski school so much that she asked to be signed up for another day.  They were full Monday, but had a spot Tuesday.

Dave dropped one of his gloves as we were very high up on the ski lift...poor thing had to ski down a long run with his hand in his pocket!

Dave left his ski jacket at Christa and Brad's house.  He bought a black on in a shop that had the Angel Fire emblem.  The rest of the trip people thought he worked there!  HaHa!

We were all "internet deprived"...it is funny how much you take it for granted until you lose it!

It snowed on Sunday...It was perfect....in fact, the weather was perfect the entire trip.  It stayed around 40-50 degrees most of the time!

I think Angel Fire is beautiful, but a little too small for my taste.

A transformer blew up on Tuesday so we were without electricity until around 2 pm...talk about humbling...no internet, no electricity...first world problems:)

On Sunday Dave didn't understand why his bowl game (UT vs Oregon) was not coming on.  ESPN continued to play women's basketball....turns out his game was the next day....Poor UT lost their bowl game, Rice lost their bowl game, and finally Brad's Baylor lost his bowl game....Christa and I joked that we will always have the Rajun Cajuns (who won the bowl game against Tulane).

Alll 8 kids were awesome and had a great time!!!! They LOVED skiing!

Angle Fire only has a couple of restaurants. We walked to a PUB and had a wonderful meal...too bad they decided to be closed for New Years....crazy!!!

Wednesday morning we woke up at 5 am to be on the road early.  Brad got stuck in the snow and a sweet family from Houston (they were just arriving) pulled him out with their chain.  He said, he didn't know why he threw his chain in his truck at the last minute!  God is good!

We stayed in Dallas on our way back with Brad's twin brother Brian and his sweet wife, Bethany.  They were super nice to allow us to stay there....Too bad Baylor lost while we were there...

We are now home and have about 50 loads of laundry to do.  We are safe and sound, but I am feeling a little under the weather....my throat hurts.  Overall, we are sooo blessed!!!!

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