These past few days have been busy!!!!

Today Dave got Lasik..he is super excited..here is what the day looked like..wake up at 5:45...get everyone ready...leave house at 6:45...drop Finley off at her daycare, then drive Sophia to her daycare and drop her off..I asked Dave to make her lunch..he asked if she got sides..I guess I didn't understand his question because I said no..when I dropped her off with her bread and cheese sandwich, I felt bad...her lunch sucked...big time! We left and I dropped Dave off at his LASIK appointment..then Isabella and I ran into CVS to buy poor Sophia some apple sauce to go with her awful lunch. I then drove Isabella to school so we could wait in the car rider line for 15 minutes.  Once she was out, I drove to Sophia's daycare to drop off the apple sauce and then headed to the LASIK to wait for Dave. Once he was done, I drove him home and then headed back to Isabella's school for my internship. 5 1/2 hours later us was back in the car to pick up Sophia to take the girls to dance at the YMCA. Dave picked Finkey up and then met us at the Y so that I could run home with Finley, cook dinner (awesome freezer meal...chicken enchiladas) and get ready for my 7:15-8:45 online class...life is good..we are blessed!!!

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