Diet Day!!!

Ok...so today was my first day to hit it hard:) I have 12 weeks until my friends wedding..My goal is slow and steady. I thought about cross fit but go lots of negative responses.

The girls and I tried to stay in from the cold. I took down the Christmas tree and cleaned out the garage:)

I bundled the girls up and did a 90 minute workout at the Y!!!

Dave came home sick and then Isabella and I headed to our Girl Scout meeting...it was freezing and three groups were locked out of the church where we usually meet...we decided to head to McDonalds so our cookie mom could explain selling cookies....

Speaking of Cookies, Isabella is now selling them!!!! The girls are excited:) they are 4.00 a box, and the thin mint is the most fattening. I like that you can send boxes to the troops oversees:)


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