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Camping and Prison Museums....

Wow, what a interesting couple of days....we had a blast...there were good times and a few bad times (mainly coldness in middle of night)...I have been talking forever about wanting to go camping...Michelle's boyfriend Tyler lent us his huge tent and Dave semi committed to having us go. Christa asked if we would watch the girls Thursday to Friday afternoon so they c
ould attend the San Antonio Bowl with Baylor (who won!)...Anway, I looked up the weather and Thursday seemed the perfect time to go camping at Huntsville State Park about an hour from our house....so we packe up the car, the babies, and the dog and went to pick up Abby, Allison, Paige, and Lily (Christa's dog)...we were on our way....excited...Our first stop, the Texas State Prison Museum. Huntsville is known for their huge state prison. The museum was interesting. And the girls got to put on prison striped and get their pictures taken in an actual cell. I didn't realize prisoners weren't allowed to smoke in Texas. Next we were off to find the perfect lunch...something that was unique..I looked at trip advisor and the number one choice was a bbq joint in the middle of a bad part of town...so off we go...to find it was closed. So we went to reccomendation #2 Farmhouse Cafe...it was really good!!! We then headed off to wal-mart to pick up a few supplies and then finally made it to the campsite. It was awesome..the weather was chilly, but not too bad. Dave took the girls for a short hike and I stayed back with Sophia. Later we made chili cheese hot dogs and smores...yummy!!! Then is was time for bed...it was colder, but not too bad. Dave set up his ipad for the kids to watch a movie. I feel asleep and then woke up around 3 am FREEZING my tale off...it was in the 20s....the weather report said high of 68 lows of 50s....so where did this 20 and 30s come from??? I tossed and turned...we were all freezing...it didn't matter we brought a million blankets...ultimately the lesson we learned that next time if we go in the cold we will all have our own warm sleeping bags. We woke up early and decided to head out...the problem was the girls remembered we said we might got to IHop in the morning...we were all looking bad...real bad...but, I told the girls if we could put ourselves together a little we could go...they had a blast....we finally got home and were all pooped....soooo tired but had a blast!!!


merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, happy Chanakkah, and happy holidays!!!! We've been blessed...have spent it with our loved ones...I just want to say i am appreciative for my family and Dave's family...I can't stop thinking about families who have lost a child...specifically a former co-worker who lost her Beautiful adult daughter to a drunk driver...may God be with ll of these families of people who are missing loved ones....Merry Christmas. Happy new year.



I kind of blame Christa for this story...but in a good way...Here is the story...I have been saying forever I wanted to get a puppy (small lap dog) for the girls and I...We always had a dog growing up. Everytime the girls are around Lucy (Christa's maltese) they LOVE her. My idea was a small little Lucy...Everytime I brought up the subject, Dave would say "nope
!"...I knew he wasn't 100% against the idea because we went to a few shelters together. Fast foward to yesterday. I was woke up from a nap on Christa's couch (my mom just came into town and she was going to watch the girls so we could go out with Brad, Christa, Tom and his new girlfriend)...Christa showed me a picture of twin Maltipoos (maltese/ poodles)...they were adorable and up for adoption. She called the lady to see if we could go look at them. An hour later Christa and I were in the hood looking at these sweet dogs that we could not leave behind. We were waiting for the lady to arrive and 2 men across the street were staring at us while doing what I call "prison pushups"... Christa let me have the smaller cuter one and she had the one that was more motherly, loving. She let Christa just hold her like a cat. The puppies were in a house in a bad neighborhood that a woman owned for the sole purpose of keeping cats and dogs for adoption. When she let them out they were all so cute, but they were pooping and peeing everywhere. It was pretty bad. We knew we had to get them. The lady let us adopt them, take them, and we stopped at Pet Smart to pick up 2 crates, dog food, and pee pads... So my plan was to tell Dave after he had a few beers at the Yard House. I was surprised how well he took it....I think it was because of how cute they were. He said that Isabella could name her...so she named her Molly and Christa's kids finally came up with Lilly. I have been good about bringing Molly out to use the restroom. Brad will help us in a few days install a doggie door. Fingers crossed potty training goes well...haha...Between potty training a puppy and a 2 year old, I should win a prize...


The girls are their normal cutie pies. They are loving elf on the shelf. We are having a great time just relaxing and spending time together. Tonight we celebrated Hanukkah. Sophia kept trying to blow out the candles. Sophia keeps playing little pranks. She pretends to cry and when we call her out, she starts laughing. On the potty training report, she is s
o not interested...at all... Isabella is ms spunky...you never know will come out of her mouth. She started dressing herself in skirts, leggings, purses, boots...She loves to be different. Sophia is still obsessed with shoes. Sophia is actually putting a few sentences together. Isabella is still obsessed with Justin Bieber. She told Will that she was going to marry him when she was in kindergarten. He said, no you can't, you are too young...she then kicked him 3 times...thankfully Christa put her in time out. (she was watching the girls so I could try and do some shopping). Dave was supposed to have this week off with us, but poor thing as had to work most of the time. Tomorrow my entire family (except April) will start the holiday off at Christa's. We will pack up all of our stuff and spend the next few nights at her house. Good thing they have lots of beds!!!


Vacation Day #1

Today was great...relaxing...Dave was supposed to be off, but ended up having to work the entire day. I took the girls to the gym, chick filet, and then we went home to clean and take naps. In the evening Dave and I took the girls to Katy Mills Mall to eat at Rainforest Cafe and to do a little Christmas shopping...I admit I have been bad about shopping this year.
..I just don't feel like going to malls or stores....but, ultimately I will get it done. Life is good, we are blessed!


Breaux Bridge

Dave picked me up after school on Friday and we headed to Breux Bridge for the weekend. It usually takes 3 1/2 hours but because of traffic it took us more like 7 hours...We then went to my parent's friends Christmas party. They had the best band ever. Saturday we took it easy, went and had lunch at Cafe Des Amis, did a little shopping, and then watched the Rajun
Cajuns win their first bowl game in decades. They won in the last few seconds. We also got to meet Morgan's girlfriend Taylor who was very sweet. Sunday Michelle and her family came over. One of my mom's friends' daugthers had a botique in Breux Bridge that she shut down because the landlord wanted to raise the rent. So she sold all the cute clothes and accessories for cheap...and my mom bought lots of things for Christa, Michelle and I...It was funny how we distributed it...we laid all the clothes out and then drew numbers to see who would go first. We each took a turn and chose an item. We all got everything we wanted!!!! Thanks mom!!! We are finally back home...Life is good...we are blessed!

Jack and Michael

That is the name of our elves on the shelves...the girls love the game...they both scream when they find them. It is really cute. One is bigger than the other...of course Isabella takes the bigger one, but Sophia is ok with the little one:)


more dance picts

Parent's Dance Watch

Today was Isabella's Christmas parent's dance watch. They danced for the parents and then had a party. We wanted to go out to eat afterwards but decided the girls would not be easy...so we ordered sushi....love it...and it really is cheap...sushi delivery dinner for entire family for 23.00....can't beat that. Isabella did so well dancing. Sophia danced by us...sh
e can't wait to be like her big sister!!! Tomorrow is the last day of school before the holidays!!!!! Sooo excited...we are driving to Breaux Bridge right after and staying until Monday...then we are taking it easy, celebrating Christmas in Houston, and spending time with our babies:)

more party picts...

Company Christmas Party

Last night we had Dave's company's Christmas party. It was on a Wednesday from 5-8. Christa and Brad watched the girls so we could have a date night...which we really appreciated. I got down town around 4ish so we started at Fyling Saucer for a couple of beers...I had the beer sampler...We then went to the party. It was nice as always...They had lots of fancy food
, drinks, entertainment...they even had caricatures. I couldn't get over how fancey the office is....from the restroom to Dave's office...to the Christmas tree!...The girls were super cute and were sleeping when we picked them up and brought them home...Life is good!


Meatballs...its whats for dinner...

The original plan was to make spaghetti sauce and meatballs...I soon figured out we didn't have any pasta sauce...so I improvised and made more of a stroganoff....it was good and the girls ate and ate it...so did Dave. Tomorrow is Dave's Christmas party at his office downtown...Christa and Brad are watching the girls. They usually do it up really nice...fancy food,
music, and drinks...as fancy as you can get on a Wednseday night. Bed update...both girls are still trying to get into our bed everynight...poor Dave just keeps bringing them back upstairs all night long.


Review, review, and more review

This week is the last week before the holidays...piece of cake...Finals start tomorrow...Dave has to leave early a few days to I agreed to get the girls ready all week and drop them off at school. Today was great. Just played review games with all my classes. Christa got some interesting news that I might share later...It made me think about things and maybe I wil
l have some new directions soon...we shall see. I have avoided Christmas shopping in the store thus far (online for me)...but today relented before I picked the girls up. Isabella loves these floor puzzles they sell in the Land of Nod store. They also sell the same ones at Home Goods...so I picked Isabella up 3 which she will love. I also looked for apple ornaments for her teachers but couldn't find them...guess I will take the girls to hobby lobby tomorrow. This week is way less hectic. I picked the girls up and was so relieved the cleaning lady came...she upped her rate 10.00 for my friend, so I went ahead and did the same...Dave wanted me to wait until she asked, but I felt cheesy...I know for a fact she stays 5-6 hours cleaning our house...and she does a VERY good job...The girls and I then hung up some red lights to go around our 2 small trees (better something than nothing)...I cooked the girls a dream dinner we have had forever (stopped doing dream dinners because I don't have time to go across town). Thursday is Isabell'a parent watch and Friday we drive to Breaux Bridge. We come back on Sunday and then Christa hosts Christmas at her house the following Sunday...life is good...we are SOOOO blessed. The girls love their 2 Elf on the shelves...Michael and Jack...they try to hide them, but we find them so that we can place them in interesting spots....they are currently in the fridge:)