The past few days we celebrated Sophia's 5th birthday, decorated a 1: year olds room, and are planning to host a charity event. And Isabella got the flu.


Sophia is 5 years old!!!

Love this girl. More than life itself. She is our little entertainer, actor, caring sibling, drama queen, just a good person!

Sophia turned 5 on Tuesday:)

This is what I know about my middle child:
- she's beautiful on the inside and outside
- she's hilarious
- she beats to her own drum
- she loves playing with toys
- she is sensitive
- she loves her sisters
- she has a kind heart
- she is petite
- she is super smart
- she is my adventurous eater
- she's awesome! 



We spent Thanksgiving in Breaux Bridge.

We went to our friends Jessica and John the other night. They have the best backyard!!!

Sophia started her new school and she LOVES it !!!!!

Went to our friend Robin's ornament exchange party and was honored to share Dec My Room with the ladies!

We are decking a 13 year old girl's room on Wednesday so we took the kids with us to shop:)

Cute birthday party for our friends daughter Lucy.

We went to Dave's holiday party at the House of Blues last night. Our wonderful brother and sister in law watched the girls overnight so we could stay in a hotel downtown.

Isabella cheered at the Towne Lake Holiday party.