Lazy Saturday in May

Today is the first day in a long time that we have been able to take it easy. Last week Dave was out of town everyday...the girls and I really missed him! We are all pretty much over the horrible sickness that held our house hostage...it was horrible...we kept giving it back and forth to each other. We have less than 3 weeks left of school. I can't wait to spend quality time with the girls. We probably will spend lots of time at the pools. Dave and I are thinking about taking a road trip soon.

Here are some of the updates on the girls...

Isabella is 21 months....
- she loves feeding herself...she does not want us to help her out...she especially loves applesauce and bananas...and m&ms and popcorn
-she points and says NO!!! we are working on that..we are trying to teach her yes
- she can sing twinkle twinkle and the abc song
- she loves her bows
- she likes to swim
-she loves her daddy...always says daddy, daddy, daddy
- she still says up for up and up for down
- when she finds a paci she brings it to us to give "sissy"
- if she sees you washing your hands, she wants to do the same
- she sleeps in her big girl bed upstairs but wakes up in the middle of the night wanting us to come rescue her
- she loves Ice Age, Toy Story, Princess and Frog
- she know the clean up song and cleans up
- she likes pancakes
- she loves being a big sister...kisses Sophia all the time

Sophia- 5 months
- still sleeping next to our bed
- she loves the paddy cake song
- smiles, smiles, smiles
- can roll over from back to front and front to back
- has trouble eating rice cereal from bowl or applesauce...we are working on teaching her
- she spits her paci out alot
- she is more content...we can leave her by herself for longer periods of time
- she likes the exosaucer
- she likes watching tv
- when you feed her she will just look at you with her big, beautiful eyes
- she loves her big sister