Family Birthday Celebrations

Dave's parents came into town to celebrate Dave, Isabella, and Finley's birthdays. We didn't do cake on Isabella's birthday so I ordered one for today. She saw the babies' picture cake and wanted one so she could eat her face.

The funny thing was that she decided she didn't want to eat cake or her face. Sophia was happy to step in!

Today started out great. I went and worked out at the YMCA and then Dave went on a long bike ride.

Finley loves playing peek a boo.

Then she took a nap.

Isabella loves reading. This morning she took it upon herself to go to razkids on the computer and practice reading stories.

Dave and I have been working on the house a little at a time. We put up curtains in the living room and put together Sophia's bed.

We are watching Christa's dog Lily while they are in Montana. Both dogs have been taking it easy.

Sophia dressed up a dog stuffed animal earlier in the day. Somehow it ended up on the couch. At one point in the evening we looked over and saw Lily laying on a pillow by the stuffed animal. It was too funny.

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