It's March!!!!

I can't believe it is March!  I am happy about that because we have some fun events coming up over the next few months.

These last few weeks have been busy!

I won a Neiman Marcus Fashion show at the Dec My room luncheon that was a lot of fun.

Dave took the girls to a Towne Lake Daddy Daughter dance.

I am in a 12 week fitness challenge with some of my friends.  I have been exercising like crazy!

Christa and Brad were so sweet and babysat on Friday night so that Dave and I could go on a date. We went to Baker Street and listened to live music. It was so much fun!

This week should be interesting.  I have a colonoscopy scheduled on Thursday since Christa has had one recently that showed concerning non-cancerous polyps. Wednesday night should be fun! Dave even "suggested" I spend the night in the guest room because I will be needing the toilet a lot.  I told him that he was crazy and could spend the night in the guest bedroom.  Haha.

Tomorrow we have a St. Patrick's Play Date at one of our friends house.  Saturday my awesome in-laws are coming into town to watch the girls so that Dave and I can go with a group of friends out of town to a Moonlight 8 or 9 course dinner!  We are excited!

The bigger girls got haircuts!

Our patio is pretty much finished!

We are so very blessed!!!

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