Being Silly

Today was a fun, post-work silly day...Everyone was in a great mood. The girls laughed, played, and laughed some more. Dave picked the girls up so I could attend a student teacher/mentor teacher reception at the school board. It was fun...I even won lunch for two at Hunnan...I think a Chinese restaurant. There were so many prizes...I think all the businesses felt sorry for these student teachers trying to find a job in this horrible economy.

Life is good, we are happy, my in-laws are coming in this weekend....I am looking forward to it....should be fun...they love the girls so much...

I asked Isabella to show me a yoga pose...she showed me "the tree"...too cute and funny!


Wilcox said...

The girls and I also spent some time outside just before Corrin got home. I tried to trick Sophia into walking by putting her on the grass. The thought was that if she didn't like crawling on the grass, she would think it was easier to walk instead.

Wilcox said...

The girls also spent some time in a fort. It's good training.