Isabella...32 months

My sweet, sweet Isabella...
she weighs about 28 pounds
- is still very girlie, girl...loves playing in my high heals
- has started sighing a lot...I will say something and she will say uhh...mom....
- her favorite dessert is Popsicle
- still loves chicken and rice (I tell her everything is chicken and rice so she will eat it)
- loves to eat salad
- counts a lot
- I was teaching her the pledge of allegiance when I told her we are lucky to live in the United States because we are free...she replies "no, I'm two"
-her favorite movie right now is Tangled
- she always has a big smile on her face
- she is a good helper at school and home
- she is doing so well with her potty training
- she has been talking in lots of complete phrases...you can have a conversation with her
- she loves correcting mommy and daddy
- she makes cute facial expressions
- she's precious
- she loves to pretend to eat her buggers to make me mad
- today she told me she picked her butt...I think someone told her that at school...she just kept giggling when I told her to stop saying that...
- she is such a little commedian...has a funny, funny personality
- LOVES to play hide and seek...she hides in the same couple of places every time
- loves saying "don't get me....which is translation for "come try and catch me"....

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