Everything is good so far...beginning of the summer. The girls are going to daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we are in town. Christa and I both got called last minute yesterday for a pre-screening interview with our school district for an Assistant Principal position. Her interview was at 8:15 and mine was at 9 am...too funny...The process is that you apply with the district, they do a pre-screening interview, rate you, and then share information with campus principals who may or may not call you for an interview. T liked the interview because it was very informal.

While the girls are at school I have been organizing, cleaning, and actually relaxing. Christa and I are always coming up with side business ideas and we think we really came up with a good one....Basically it is a party rental box that contains most of the decorations/theme needed for a party...we are working on the logistics, so we shall see. We LOVE entertaining and are certainly passionate about it!!!!!

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