Party In A Pinch

Christa and I are starting a small business. We are passionate about entertaining. We love throwing parties...and we are good at it. We realize that the average "nice" party runs several hundred dollars on up. Many people don't want to just rely on the typical party store for decorations. So....we came up with Party in a Pinch....a party pack rental business. Basically we build party packs based on themes (girl baby shower, boy baby shower, birthday parties, wine tasting, beer tasting, wedding shower, etc). 80-90% of the items will be rental, the rest will be our disposables (party favors, picks, thank-you notes)...The packs will include decorations, suggested menus, picture and directions on how to set up party, table cloths, plates, napkins, etc....Why would someone want to rent a party pack?

The fabric pictures are examples of the quality we will use...we did not buy these specific ones...although I like the yellow bird for an engagement party:)

1. convience (not having to go from store to store buying stuff for a party
2. the party packs have nice items (think pottery barn party)
3. they are cute

So, we are giving it a go.....wish us luck:)

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