Everyone in the house is excited!!!!

We leave on the cruise that has been planned for almost a year tomorrow....Isabella keeps asking when we leave. This is one vacation that everyone in our family really needs. This has probably been one of the most stressful years of my life. Not that I can complain at all...We have our health, families, God, each other...life is good....we have just had some challenges and bumps in the road. Anyway, our Cruise is out of Galveston, 7 days...we go to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. Isabella can be in the kids program which I know she will love. Both girls got sick the last couple of days (Sophia worse than Isabella)...hopefully the antibiotics will work...we want them to be in good spirits:)


Corrin- School is finished and I am organizing and relaxing...and READING...am so excited...I have finished a book and just started another one.

Dave- his Company is doing well...His hobby is still trying to become an expert on the stock market so we may be rich one day:)

Isabella...34 months
- She moved up to the next room at her school (pre-k 1)
- she loved the Science unit they spent a month on and talks about space, being an astronaut and earth...
- she tries to boss Sophia around
-she has the cutest personality....she is very witty and smart
-talks in full sentences
- says the darnedest things
- she is very helpful
- just got her ears pierced and is so proud
- drawing alot and loves crafts
- LOVES reading books
- favorite food- chocolate
- favorite color- purple
- has been dressing in the funkiest, cutest outfits around the house
- favorite movie-Shrek
- she LOVES hanging out with her cousin

Sophia....18 months
- walks very well
- is starting to really talk alot
- kept tattling on her sister today
- loves bananas
- also loves chocolate
- favorite movie- Tinker Bell
- loves wearing shoes and bracelets
- wondering all over the place
- pulls Isabella's hair
- her hair is growing longer
- she is so excited to see Dave or I when we pick her up from school
- she is always hugging and kissing on us
- she puts herself in time out
- I think she might be allergic to apple juice...I gave her some and then she has an allergic reaction
- she still does not like diaper changes
- she loves the bath and swimming pool

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