Second day of the work week...I have started my countdown.  I told my boss yesterday that Dave and I have decided that next year I will be a stay at home mom.  I feel bad because this job is awesome.  The people I work with are wonderful and the kids are AWESOME!!! She was very sweet and understanding.  I assured her that I would never have applied for the job if I would have known it would only be for one year.  I am just really grateful and excited that we are in the position financially that this is now an option.  I can't wait to walk Isabella to school.  I am really grateful that the entire household will not have to wake up at 5 or 5:30 am everyday.  The extra sleep will be nice for all of us.  Dave is excited that he will be able to get up at a decent time and only have to worry about getting himself ready.

27 working days until Spring Break, 82 work days....whooohooo!!!

Yesterday I went and did a little shopping.  The girls needed clothes and so I hit up Carters and got a ton of cute stuff for cheap...they were excited...I got them matching outfits, but surprisingly Isabella wanted to match this morning, but Sophia did not want to.  She is a pretty independent little girl!  I also picked up a few things for myself.  My stomach is starting to pooch out.

When the girls and I were pulling into the driveway around 5:45 there were 2 sketchy guys going from house to house selling cleaning products...some kind of cleaning spray.  I was aggravated because I hate having strangers solicit our neighborhood...I even have a sign outside our door bell.

Anyway, today should be a great day...my kids are working on federalism projects the next couple of days...that means I can grade, plan, and work on graduate work...life is great!

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