4 spares 1 strike

Isabella got 4 spares and I got one strike when we went bowling!

Yesterday was great.  We took the girls to lunch at Red Oak Grill on Mason Rd.  It is a cafe that has American and Mediterranean food.  I forget how good the food is and how reasonable the prices are.  We definitely need to got back more.  We then stopped next door to buy 2 birthday presents for next weekend. Dave picked up the girls some sight word flashcards.

After that we headed bowling.  It was around 1 pm by this time and the girls started showing signs of (I need a nap)...we decided to chug ahead...which maybe was a mistake...ok, it was...We showed up at the new Main Event, paid almost 50.00 for an hour of bowling and was told we had to wait until there was a lane open.  The girls were starting to crack by this time.  They wanted to play the video games...Dave and I both had 1.00 cash together.  He went to see if they could play anything...nope..to play the games you had to buy a game card...the minimum game card was 20.00...nope...not going to do that after we just spent 50.00 to bowl...what a cash cow!!

After about 20 minutes they called our names.  They electronically set it up so that when it was Sophia and Isabella's turn the bumpers came out.  Also, they were able to use a device that they could just roll the ball down.  Sophia lasted about 5 minutes...and then she was done....way done...big temper tantrum and everything.  That will teach us to mess with their naps!!! Dave took Sophia to the car and Isabella and I finished the 7 rounds we still had.  I played for Dave and Isabella played for Sophia.  We actually had fun.

Isabella and I snuck over to the new Goodwill Select they built right next door.  I got a few maternity shirts, couple of dresses for the girls and a piece of luggage for Dave...score!  Later that evening Danny and Ashlee came over for a visit.  Poor Dave had a few too many drinks and is paying for it this morning.

Today we are probably going to take it easy.  Probably go to church and then hit up HEB.  I need to figure out some more good crock pot recipes!

One more exciting piece of news....Dave and I booked a spring break getaway with Christa and Brad...it will be our adult babymoon trip.  We are going during Spring Break to San Francisco and seeing parts of the Pacific Coast.  We are going to drive to Tyler to drop the girls off at my parents house and then fly out of Dallas.  We are super excited.  I feel bad that my in-laws can't keep the girls this time around, but we have the same spring break as Austin and my mother in law has to work so the workers with kids can take off..I get that...I am sure this will not be our last adults only trip!!!! .My mom is really excited about watching the girls and already has a ton of crafts and other things for them to do.  We are sooo lucky and grateful!!!

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