Sunday...still sick..

Poor Sophia,

She is still under the weather.  She slept most of the day and when she woke up I gave her more Motrin.  Dave and I have been lazy the last few days...just trying to take it easy before the daily grind starts again.  Dave goes back to work Wednesday, so we have a few more days with him:)

We decided for dinner to take it easy and have the sushi delivery place deliver us food...Isabella wanted shrimp fried rice, Sophia wanted noodles so we ordered her lo mein, I ordered a couple of cooked rolls and Dave wanted udon...we are all happy:)

Tomorrow is New Years Eve.  We are spending it at Christa's new house...Tara and Lance will be there as well..Lance is going to smoke (or cook?) a pig.  We are also going to celebrate his bday...Life is good!!!

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