Lots of stuff

First, my grandmother (my mom's mom) passed away at the age of 90 yesterday morning. I am sad for my mom.

Yesterday we had MOPS and it was great. We had a guest speaker (psychologist) who talked about self esteem. She said you can't love on your little ones enough. I am good about telling the girls all day long how much I love them. Isavella sometimes tells me to stop:) The guest speaker did say you will harm your kids if you don't let them fail.
Last night Dave had the girls so I could meet up with girlfriends to celebrate Tara's birthday:)

Right before we met up at Texas Mesquite, my friend asked the address do I googled the restaurant and low and behold, I found a groupon that offered the good for half off!!! Score:)

Sophia had her 3 month doctor appointment today. She weighs 11 pounds. Her weight is in the 25 percentile, head is 50 percentile and height is 5 percentile. We will take it:) she is on the charts so that is good!

I told the doctor she had bad gas lately. She said the good news is that she is around the age where she will grow out if it. She said 4 months we can introduce baby food:)

On another note, I am almost finished ironing out details for my internship in January at the elementary school. I even found a nice daycare that will take Finley two days a week starting in January. It us right across the street from Sophia's school. I am very excited and feel blessed all the pieces are coming into place:)

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