Date Night

Dave and I had a date night last night. My neighbor recommended a very sweet high school junior who babysits.

Dave and I had dinner at Bonefish Grill. Dave has really wanted to try it ever since it opened in La Centerra.

I had steak and Dave had tiliapa. My steak was very good!!!

I also had pumpkin ravioli as my side..yum:)

We went and has a glass of wine at the wine bar. We got home by 8:30. I felt so bad because I told the babysitter and her mom that Finley was the best, easiest baby ever...Apparently as Murphy's Law would have it, she had a terrible night...Finley cried and farted over and over. The babysitter had her mom come down and try and soothe her.. I felt so bad!! Finley had really bad gas..she woke up this morning and was still tooting!

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