Jello "AKA Isabella"

Isabella is 5 years 2.5 months old
- Is such a sweet girl
- Is starting to act like an "older girl"
- Sometimes fights with our next door neighbor and best friend, Gianna (who is also in her same class)
 thinks she is about 10 years older than she
- Is the first one asleep…first one awake…morning person
-          loves when Sophia sleeps in her bed
-          can read
-          knows she is the bigger sister
-          LOVES SCHOOL
-          Gets green everyday (conduct card) 
-          Loves family
-          Loves crafts
-          Loves Girl Scouts

Interview questions: A conversation with  Isabella
My favorite phrase is:  I love you
My favorite food is: brownie
The coolest person on the earth is God
When I grow up I’m going to be a singer (she actually dressed up as a singer for Career Day)
My favorite color is pink and purple
My favorite song is One Direction
When I’m ouside I love to play
If I could go anywherei n the world, I’d go to the mall
When I was little I used to play I don’t know…can you give me choices.
My best friend is Gianna
My favorite snack is chips
My favorite movie is My Little Pony
My faoviret thing to do with Sophia is play
My favorite thing to do with Finley is take a bath
My favorite book is My Pony Book

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