For a Tuesday, today was good...busy, but good.  I left work, ran an errand, picked up the girls, took them to dance, and then took them to a Stratford girls soccer playoff game that was held at Katy High.  Dave met us.  It was a lot of fun, the weather was BEAUTIFUL, and WE WON!!!! I have a lot of students who are on the team and did not realize how good they are.

Today there was a stabbing at Lone Star College which is down the road from Christa's house.  14 people are hurt (2 seriously)... Just another senseless act of school violence.  It is really scary.  I am glad that I am leaving the classroom.  I just worry about my own children's safety.  After watching (and weeping) while watching the 60 Minutes episode of the Sandy Hook victims family members, I can't help but think that really the issue that we need to focus on is not gun control, but mental illness.  That is the common denominator.  These people who are shooting up schools, theaters, etc, they are not right in the head.

Today at school our PTA surprised us with a lunch Fiesta...it was so nice...They catered the lunch and the moms brought in desserts...It was so good and unexpected.  Stratford is such a nice place to work.  I am really grateful this year I have worked with such great people!!!

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