Baby Finley

Today was really good.  I went to work and taught the legislative branch.  After teaching all my classes I signed out because I had a doctors appointment.  I was really nervous because I was going by myself to an ultrasound so my doctor could check my amniotic fluid.  The baby looked GREAT!  She was moving so much.  She even opened her mouth for a second.  She kept putting her hand up to her face.  We got a couple of really cute pictures.  My amniotic fluid increased a little and my doctor does not seem to be worried.  He examined me to see if I was leaking fluid (which he said I wasn't).  He knows I have been worried this entire pregnancy.  He told me to come back in 4 weeks for my glucose test and they will do another ultrasound just to check everything.  I am grateful that I have had lots of chances to see Finley:)

After my doctor appointment I ran to babies r us for an errand and saw the bedding I wanted for Finley was on sale...so I picked it up:)  I have just been nervous about buying things, but I just need to get over everything and relax.  I then picked the girls up and we headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  Isabella talked me into buying a brownie mix that they could make...I can honestly say that I rarely bake because I LOVE SWEETS.  Well, the brownies were sooo good...it tasted like molten cake.  We all had one brownie for dessert after eating a healthy dinner of chicken, broccoli, and bread.  Both girls asked for seconds of broccoli...I never realized they were such fans:)

Before bed both Isabella and Sophia read their sight word books.  I can't believe Sophia is starting to read...they both are super smart!  I know everyone says that about their kids...haha..

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